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Friday, April 10, 2015

Lateriphobia: The Fear of LEGOS


    Lateriphobia is the fear of LEGOS.  This fear was first discovered by Kaleb Palmer in 2015. The word "Touvlaphobia" is derived from the Latin root lateris which means "brick". Lateriphobia can be born with, or can be acquired by terrifying experiences with LEGOS. The fear causes a similar reaction that claustrophobia produces, except it is triggered by LEGO products rather that small, tight spaces. In extreme cases, lateriphobia can cause hysteria for patients with the disorder.  Patients may feel like the LEGOS are trying to harm them and do what they can to either destroy or escape the LEGOS. To an observer of a reaction from a patient, the patient may seem like they're insane, but to the patient, it may feel like a rational reaction. If you ever are carring LEGOS and meet a lateriphobia victim, you may want to run for your own safety!


  1. I understand completely...

  2. Hi Kaleb, thanks for coining the term of Lateriphobia. Here's how I've put it to good use: